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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've gotten addicted to Heart Thrives, these ridiculously good things that claim to be energy bars but which are like no energy bars I've had before. They come two to a package - a whole pack makes a great breakfast and one of the hearts (they're shaped like hearts!) is a great pre-workout or late afternoon pick-me-up snack. Unlike most energy bars I've had, they actually stay with me for a significant amount of time, not leaving me starving an hour later. They have a great mix of protein, complex carbohydrate and (low) fat, so they don't spike the blood sugar and then cause a crash. They're also really tasty. My favorites are apricot and poppyseed. The only place in town (Ann Arbor) I know of that carries them is Espresso Royale; other than that you can order from the website. I don't go around randomly endorsing stuff; these are nuritionally and deliciously just about perfect and I feel the need to share. :)

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  1. You can get them at the Co-op on 4th St. in Kerrytown.